NAPEEC offers and Supplies the highest quality equipment and engineering services to meet  international standard:

  • Engineering
     Feasibility study
     Basic design & basic design endorsement
     Detail design & design review and endorsement
     Procurement and procurement engineering
     Erection & commissioning supervision

  • Process Water Production Packages
    Deaerators *
    Desalination Plants Through Evaporative Process*
    De-Mineralization Plants*
    Condensate Polishing Plants*
    Condensate Deoiling plants*
    Pre-treatment Packages (Sand & Carbon Filters, Clarifiers)
    Water strippers
    Water Condition System


  • Oil & Gas Package Plants
    Two & Three Phase Separators**
    Gas Dehydration plants**
    Gas Sweetening Plants**
    Indirect Heaters**
    Fuel Gas Packages**
    Filter separators**
    Gas scrubbers**
    Slug catchers**

  • Chemical Preparation & Dosing Packages
    Boiler water conditioning packages
    Potable water packages
    Dry material dosing packages
    Chemical dosing package for different water & waste water treatment processes
    Chemical dosing packages for different process units


  • Hydrocarbon Storage & Handling systems
    Pump stations
    Loading & unloading stations
    LPG & LNG tanks
    Spherical tanks
    Atmospheric tanks


  • Steam Generation Plants
    Package water tube boiler plants
    Revamping of package & utility water tube boilers


  • Fire Protection System
    Fire Detection & Alarm System
    Fire Fighting Systems


  • Waste Water Treatment Plants
    Oil water separators* (API , CPI, DAF, IGF)
    Clarifiers and thickeners

  • Internals( Product of HAT International Limited)
    Distillation trays
    Random & structured packing
    Tower & vessel internals
    Mist elimination equipment
    Reactor internals


*    NAPEEC Design and Fabricate these equipment under license agreement with WET
**  NAPEEC Design and Fabricate these equipment under license agreement with KCC






Process Water Production Package
Oil & Gas package Plants
Hydrocarbon Storage & Handling Systems
Steam Generation Plants
Fire Protection System
Waste Water Treatment Plants























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